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sábado, agosto 14, 2004

Brain shivers. I read that Effexor causes them, but as I've never taken it, I don't know what's causing mine. It's a different kind of dizzyness... Hard to explain. It's like a throb almost. Not quite a headache, not quite nausea...

School is over this week, Thursday the 19th to be exact. And then 11 days later, Fall semester starts! GROSS! I thought it'd be AFTER my birthday but NOOOO, I guess 1 week of summer vacation is enough?! GRRRR.

Speaking of my bday... I don't know what to do! I have no money, so I can't really throw a big party... heck, can't even throw a SMALL party. I don't have that many friends anyway. I just wanna have fun. Every birthday I've had, something happens that it ruins it. Something or someone ruins it. I don't know why! I do get depressed easily and I hate it when plans change suddenly which is what always ends up happening to me. I get so disappointed, and I don't even know why I get so worked up about it when the "new" plan is usually similar to the old plan, or something I like anyway!

OK then blah blah blah Enough! I'm tired and my brain hurts.


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