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martes, octubre 28, 2003

Officially, it's day 3 of Firestorm 2003, as they're calling it. In my opinion, the name's a bit too dramatic. Anyway. No school again today. I wish I could enjoy this, but knowing that around 900 homes have been destroyed and about 13 people died (mostly in their cars trying to get away)... well, it's hard to relax. There's not much to do anyway. The air quality is horrible, and it's best to stay in. I cannot even begin to imagine what it's like to see your home destroyed. A few people haven't even been allowed to go assess the damages yet. It looks as if things are calming down, though, which is good news, but it's far from over. I leave you with some pretty horrific pics. More at Channel 10 (local ABC station), and NBC 7/39.

Images courtesy of
NBC 7/39.

More sad news...
Rod Roddy, the announcer for "The Price is Right", has passed away. RIP, Mr. Roddy. I really need to get my ass to TPIR before the wonderful Bob Barker passes away too!! What a sad week. =(


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