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domingo, agosto 10, 2003

Hmm... well...

Friday: my friend R said he was gonna take me out drinking. At the last minute, his brother, who's getting married next week, called him up and wanted to hang out a bit, the guys n stuff. So I'm like, hmmpph ok fine. We'd made plans to go to A's house after drinking and he said we'd still go to A's house, that he'd pick me up after his bro's thing. He got to my house at 12am!! Man... I really, really wanted to drink and hang out that night... I do understand about his brother, but it still sucked. We did get to A's house, and it was good. Short but sweet. Heh.

Saturday: JASON MRAZ!!! OMG he was SO GOOD! We got there a bit late, maybe about 10 mins after it started, but he sang for almost 3 HOURS! Since we got there a bit late, they weren't charging admission anymore, or we snuck in somehow. The point is, we didn't have to pay one single cent to get it. My brother got there about 1 hr before us, and he had to pay $5! Hehe... It was a really good concert though. Almost 3 hrs and the guy is playing basically for free. How cool is that?! He's so awesome. The sweetest voice.... /gushing. Hehe. I can't stop!!


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