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jueves, agosto 07, 2003

SATURDAY AUGUST 9th join me at Del Mar Microbrew Festival, and playing live: Jason Mraz!! Yes, my favorite singer is playing this Saturday, and it's FREE! with your admission to the track.

Went shopping today. I hate shopping. I only shop when I need something specific. I needed jeans, some sort of semi-casual/semi-formal top/blouse, and nice (read: non-sneakers) shoes. Well, I got the blouse and the shoes... Jeans are hard to shop for. Plus, I only went to Old Navy, cuz I'm too lazy to shop around, and I already have like 2 pairs of Old Navy jeans. I really like them, but I wanted dark jeans and they didn't have any I liked. I like Old Navy though, it usually has what I need and it's cheap. I got the shoes at DSW shoe warehouse, $19.50!! Nice pair of Skechers black loafers, with a buckle instead of laces. WOO!

Ok, gotta go, The Cosby Show is on!


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