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viernes, junio 20, 2003

Another week... I'm getting REALLY lazy with this blog. Sunday, as you know, was Father's day. My brother and I decided to take our dad to Puerto Nuevo for some lobster. My mom, her husband, his daughter and her friend were going to be there too. My dad at first was a bit reluctant to go, but decided that it would be dumb to turn down FREE lobster. It was ok though, we sat at separate tables... Monday was my mom's birthday (you could say she was born on Father's day, cuz in Mexico, Father's day is ALWAYS June 16th). She had a "small" get together, and I invited my best friend so I wouldn't be bored. Heh. It was pretty fun. She and I hung out with my brother and his friends, and we were just chilling and talking. Good times. On my way back to San Diego, while at the border, my car... DIED. Totally and completely died. Lights off, windows wouldn't go down, radio off, and most importantly, engine off. I call my mom, cuz she has an american cell phone that works in Tijuana, and my Cingular phone doesn't have international long distance. She says she'll call a tow truck and pick me up at her office. I waited about ONE HOUR. ARGGHH! All I wanted to do was go home and sleep, and I didn't get to do that since my car was going to be fixed the next morning, and my mom said I had to wait for it. So I had to go back to her house, and sleep there, where I didn't have a change of clothes or anything! Double ARGGHH!! But I'm back, and the car is supposed to be ok. I NEED A NEW CAR! I also need a job. I've realized that, aside from being really lazy, the main thing keeping me from getting a job is my insane and irrational fear of rejection. I'm lazy in that I don't want to PHYSICALLY go out and apply for jobs. I'm afraid that every application I submit will be rejected. If someone came to me with an offer for an OK job with OK pay, guaranteed hire, I'd probably take it. SIGH. I've looked online, all over, and nothing. I HATE THIS!! I need money. My financial aid is on hold (I hope temporarily) because I'm missing units. I'm appealing that because I had to withdraw due to sickness. Hopefully they'll reinstate my aid. I NEED IT!!


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