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miércoles, junio 04, 2003

What is it about certain rules that certain people think don't apply to them?? It's around 9:30am, and I've been up for at least half an hour. Many of you are already at work, waking up, have been awake for hours. I'm not asking you to pity me, but I went to sleep at 445am. I do NOT appreciate being awaken so early. My apartment complex is supposed to have a "no noise" rule from 10pm to 10am... YET it seems that if the noise is caused by the MANAGEMENT, then it's OK, even if it's before 10am??? There is a truck right outside MY window, buzzing and making all sorts of incredibly annoying noises. Apparently they are still in the process of changing some of the carpeting in the hallways. WHY AT 9AM THOUGH??? Why not at, say, 10am at least? You know, AFTER THE TIME THE RULE REQUESTS?? This, being my very own Murphy's Law life, of course, happens the day I HAD to wake up at 930a, to go pick up someone at the airport. SOO, all I was really asking for was 30 mins more of peaceful sleep. But nooooooo. It couldn't have happened the day I had nothing else to do, so I could wake up, wait it out and then go back to sleep. Of course not, because that would be NICE. We can't have that in a Murphy's Law life. Impossible.

All I know is, I better get to go to Disneyland tomorrow like I had planned. Otherwise, SOMEONE is going to suffer. Who? Whoever is there for me to annoy. Oh yea... *grrrrr*.


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