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lunes, mayo 19, 2003

Dang... almost a week I abandoned this place. Sorry... Nothing really happened last week, and this weekend I wasn't home. But I finally have something to write about!

Saturday I went to my uncle's ranch in Tecate. It was his birthday. There were a LOT of people there. We ate shrimp and rabbit. RABBIT!! I never thought I'd eat rabbit, but it was good. Like chicken, but tougher. I also ate halibut, and I'm supposed to not like fish. This was really good though. No bones... YUM! Later that day, my dad and I had the BEST quesadilla and pastries at this really good cafe in Tijuana. It's called Cafe Français and it's GREAT. Saturday was basically a day of good food. Sunday, my best friend A drove me back to San Diego, and we went all around San Diego trying to find this thing her mom needed. Later that night, I went with my brother and his friends to see Jason Mraz, the best ever, in concert. It was awesome!!! He's awesome. Man, he's awesome. A pretty eventful weekend. Finally! I was BEAT when I got home, though... Totally tired.

Today, I went out to eat and sort of run errands with a very great guy. Sort of our first date. I had a really great time. He's leaving for 10 days, which makes me a bit sad. But hopefully it'll teach me the patience I need to have when it comes to guys. =)

So I'm happy. I'm finally feeling a bit of happiness I really needed to feel. Hope things keep going well for as long as it's possible.


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