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domingo, junio 08, 2003

Again, I've left this blog a bit unattended. After picking up J from the airport... (he missed his original flight, and arrived about 2 hrs after he was supposed to, another example of my awesome Murphy's Law life), we came back to my apartment, chilled for a bit before driving up to Anaheim. We got there, finally, around 11pm. We stayed at the Park Vue Inn, which is just across the street from DISNEYLAND!! WOOOO! Went to IHOP for dinner, before heading to bed. The park opens at 10am, so at 9 we went to the free "continental" breakfast the hotel offered, which was toast and juice, basically, because by the time we got there, all the pastries were gone. Heh. And then... off to DISNEY we went! It was awesome. The weather wasn't that great, but who cares, I was in DISNEY! The only sad part was that Space Mountain is being renovated and will be closed until 2005... Other than that, I got to go on almost everything that I wanted to ride. We ate at the best restaurant ever, the Blue Bayou, the one you can see from inside the Pirates of the Caribbean. Oh MAN that restaurant is GOOD. I had the Monte Cristo Sandwich, and I recommend that instead of the pasta salad that comes with it, you get their potatoes au gratin, cuz you will want to MARRY THEM! The park closed at 8pm because they were getting ready for Grad Nite.
I was too tired to drive down that same day, so we decided to drive south a bit, and look for a hotel outside of Anaheim. Apparently, there aren't any. We had to drive to San Juan Capistrano and look for something there. We stayed at Capistrano Sea Side Inn, in Capistrano Beach. It was pretty nice. I was so tired I would've slept pretty much anywhere that had a bed and a bathroom. So Friday around noon we drove back to San Diego. I had a lot of fun!!!

Good times... good times.


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