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sábado, mayo 10, 2003

Today I went to P's house, played with his SUPER CUTE doggy and watched a bit of Empire Strikes Back which he says has never seen... WHOA! hehe... Afterwards we went to get some really good philly-style cheesesteaks and extremely good fries at a place near College Ave and University called Balboa's. Then we drove by the PB Block Party to see how it looked. We didn't stay though. So today, basically, I LEFT MY APT! Damn.. haha... it's been a while.

It was a semi-rough week. Wednesday, my mom and I went to my school to try to get my withdrawal in process. I only found 2 of my teachers, so Thursday I had to return. Thursday was the deadline to turn in the form, so I was pretty stressed out. I ended up submitting it with one teacher's signature missing; ironically it was the teacher who sort of made me withdraw in the first place because my plan was to get incompletes. I am finally officially withdrawn so I won't get Fs,*phew*. For 2 months I was basically bed-bound, and I did a LOT of walking on Wednesday and Thursday so I was in serious pain most of Thursday and Friday. I'm just glad a lot of it is gone now.

My doctor says I'm about 90% in the clear. *WOOHOO!!*. It's a frustrating point though, because I feel well enough to do almost anything, but I don't wanna push myself too hard and get sick again. I'm trying to be patient.

I have a serious need to go to Disneyland. Seriously. I need to go, and soon.


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