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miércoles, marzo 05, 2003

I've already tried to upload a new pic like 5 times and stupid Blogger is giving me a very, very non-descriptive error message. All it says is "Error". No number, no nothing. Yet, I'm still able to post, just nothing on my template (things that go on the right column over there)... "Curiouser and curiouser..." (tell me who says this in what movie and I'll love you forever).

Tonight I went to visit my cousin, Bea, because she's moving back to NYC. Have a safe trip, Bea. Hope to visit you soon...
Here she is when we took her on her first *gasp* visit to Puerto Nuevo, and she's pretending to be interested in the junk the sell on the street. In front of her you see my "little" brother, and my mom.


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