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miércoles, marzo 05, 2003

I had the weirdest dream... I was supposed to be at my elementary school, but I was the age I'm now. Then I saw my brother, but he was 6 yrs old. I remember feeling all nostalgic, and I was telling the people around me (my classmates, I suppose) to look at how cute he was and stuff... all little... And my brother was just looking at me like I'm crazy. It was very odd. Another weird part is that we were supposed to be doing a play dressed up as the nuns who were our teachers. I went to Catholic school. Yes, that may explain why I'm so weird. =p
After that, I had another weird dream... in this one I was at my grandma's house with my family, and we were supposed to be leaving. But for some reason I couldn't finish getting all my stuff, like my books, and I dunno what else I was trying to pack. My aunt was getting all fussy and wanted to leave me there... It was weird... I'm always dreaming I'm supposed to be somewhere, but can't finish getting ready... I hate that feeling.
So, now it's almost 12pm and I'm supposed to leave at 1pm and am nowhere near ready... am I trying to make my dream come true? WTF is wrong with me. Oh well...


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