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domingo, enero 05, 2003

Ok... so yesterday I went to TJ and went out with my brother's friends... that was kinda odd, but they're really cool. I felt like their mom though, even though I'm only 2 yrs older than most of them... oh well. It was fun though.
Today (err.. Saturday) I went out with the dude from work. It was him (CH), his friend (CC), my friend S and me. We went to, guess what, FRIDAY'S! hahahha 3 days in one week. Good times. So turns out CH is divorced (he's only 26!!), and the ex-wife is the mom of both his kids, who do live with him. S gave me completely wrong information man! hehe. Well he told me the entire story about his ex-wife and all that shit, and damn, it's a sad story. But now it's all good. It was kinda cute when S and I got to the restaurant and I noticed CH had shaved... S swears she didn't tell him I preferred guys with no facial hair! He looked sooo much cuter w/o it. He does look like Benjamin Bratt. Hehe.
Well, we had fun.. S had to leave sorta early so CH, CC and I just hung out at my place, drinking and playing cards. I got pretty drunk, but then it went away like in less than an hr. I was like, hey! what's going on???
So pretty nice weekend... good times... CH and CC are really cool, and we had a real good time ;) So good, they just left, and it's almost 6am! hehe...
Today I go back to work... awww... *sigh*


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