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martes, diciembre 31, 2002

I cannot believe I have to work New Year's Eve. It BLOWS!!!!
So today, my friend with benefits (hehe) R came by, and oh, wonderful sweetness, he got me a Vampire Hunter D action figure. Oh my god... isn't that the sweetest thing??? I loooove it. It's D, with his sword, and his hand... I just about melted when I saw it. A really nice surprise of a Christmas present.
Work tonight was boring, as always, but we had a potluck, so at least I ate. I made my famous caramel brownies, which I almost ate myself, hehe. I also brought my supervisor a lemon-coconut sponge cake... yum yum. The food was good, too. There was lumpia, fried chicken, garlic potatoes, some sort of lentil soup or something, some veggies *barf*, and lots and lots of assorted cookies and cakes... Good stuff.
It still sucks I work New Year's Eve though... at least I'm guaranteed 4, count them 4, AMC movie passes, and every half hr starting at 10pm until 2am, they will have a raffle for a $100 gift certificate for a Westfield mall. I guess it's gonna be alright. I'm just dreading the idiots that are going to be calling, with their stupid messages...
Ahh... the world is full of dumb-asses... what can I do? *shrug*


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