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jueves, diciembre 26, 2002

Christmas sucked. It was boring, eneventful and more boring. Whatever.

So I go to see Gangs of New York, which sucked ass, and I get there an hour early ok? So I stand in line, pick out a good seat, and I had 2 popcorns (one for me and one for my friend V), 1 large drink and a personal-size pizza (they sell pizza at AMC now, coolness). So I have all this crap with me ok? The theater isn't completely full, there are some random empty seats. So I put all this crap on an empty seat next to me. In my row there's: one empty seat, a couple, the empty seat with my crap, my friend and the rest of the row is full. Below, right below the screen, there are about 3 empty seats. Ok, so the movie starts at 10:40pm. It's 10:45, and it's commercials right? So this bitch lady comes in all late, alone, and starts looking for a seat. Like I said, there are scattered empty seats around. She starts going toward this one seat in the middle front, but I guess she's told it's taken because she leaves it. I see her walk up. I'm hoping she's smart enough to take the empty seat on the left of the couple, and not where my stuff is. Well, guess what? Yea, she comes over and she does not ask for the seat, but rather proceeds to take my food and my purse and puts it on me. Um, there's a cup of butter for my popcorn on the tray! I tell her to be careful, the butter could spill. Her answer: "I don't care, move". Um, no. I got there an hour early to get good seats, and you cannot expect to get there 5 mins late and get good seats! No! So I explain to her that the seat is taken, excuse me, good bye. Oh no, this 40-something yr old baby needs to sit there. I point out the various empty seats around. Mrs. Brat wants this one. She grabs my tray of food and throws it up. Popcorn everywhere... butter on the floor, on me, on her. She sits down, satisfied, like a toddler who just threw a fit and got what they wanted. Which is exactly what happened. But I don't take anyone's crap. Anyone's. So I go get the manager. Now, I understand that one is not supposed to take an empty, available seat, to put stuff on it, preventing a person from sitting there. But I did point out this was not the only seat, and she was the only one who was late. No one else came after her. Also, if she truly wanted the seat, the "right" way, she could've gotten the manager herself, and he could've asked me to move, which I would've had to. But she decided to be the baby, so I was the adult. I explain to manager what happened, and he proceeds to kick her out. GO ME! She came back and sat in one of the empty seats in the front, but I guess she was too mad about it, because she ended up leaving within 20 mins. I hate disrespectful bitches like her, and what made me mad was that she didn't ask for the seat, she took it. The manager at one point came over and asked the couple next to us to scoot one seat over so she could sit down, but that seat was now drowning in butter. Plus, I don't think it's fair to ask this nice, timely couple to move for a bratty lady. Then the manager asked them what they had seen, and this very nice couple defended me. They said that she came over and grabbed my stuff without asking, even after I told her it was taken. They got some popcorn on them too. I was not going to sit thru a 2 and 1/2 hr movie with this bitch next to me. I'm so glad I got her kicked out.

So I hate the world. They're all idiots.


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