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viernes, diciembre 27, 2002

So the comments don't work again. Great.
Work last night sucked ass. Why do idiots try to tell me how to do my job? I know my job could be performed by monkeys, so I don't need YOU to tell me how to do it. This guy calls with a message, and he goes "ok, I, as in "me" ok". Duh really? I thought it would be "eye" or "aye". Idiot. Then he goes "I knew, k-n-e-w". Oh man, I almost got confused with "new". OMG! IDIOT! I hate idiots. His message was something like "I knew you were lying". I mean, even if, I was stupid and had confused myself in the beginning, I would've gotten it at the end from the context... don't you think?? *grrr*
So yea, stupid comments won't work now. WTF?
I'm not doing anything today, apparently. My plans seem to be falling thru at this very moment. *sigh*. Hate the world.


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