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lunes, diciembre 23, 2002

My head is about to explode. I ended up going to Fashion Valley instead of Plaza Bonita. It was way too crazy. All the last minute shoppers!! Damn. I still haven't bought anything for my mom. I got her a movie and a cookbook, but I wanted to get her something else. She is so hard to shop for! She has everything, because she buys herself everything!! *sigh*.
Then the car wouldn't start... OMG! Not my car, but still, I didn't make it home in time for work, so I had to call in sick. AND I'm calling in sick tomorrow, because I was scheduled but there's no way I'm gonna go, so that means my paycheck this week will be waaaay too slim. It sucks. I have NO money left. And rent is due next week. This is just perfect! >=(


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