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viernes, enero 03, 2003

Ahh.. another early day at work. I come in, and supervisor John (the coolest supervisor ever) says "feel like working tonight?", and I'm like hmmm... So I said "I guess I can stay until 11pm". I start at 9pm. I figured I should work at least half my shift! I could've gone home at 9, but I guess I could use a few bucks right?? I get paid $9.25 an hr... doesn't that just suck ass?? Man I need a better job. Anyone know of a good part-time, flexible schedule, easy job that pays about $11/hr?? In San Diego?? HOOK IT UP!! Hehe... I don't think there are any jobs like that. I don't want to do telemarketing, and I would totally suck as a waitress... let's just say there would be a lot of yelling at idiot customers on my part.

Any ideas on how to spend my $100?? I need some ideas, cuz I just have a total mental block!

I went to Friday's again, with my friend S. I love that damn place, even though the service at the one close to my place sucks really bad. When I went with my mom on Tuesday, I thought maybe the waitress sucked, but today's waitress wasn't much better. S ordered a soda, and we got our food and everything, and S still didn't have her soda. So she asks the waitress, and the waitress is like "OMG i'm sooo sorry!!! I'll buy you guys dessert ok?". So we got a free brownie obsession. Damn that's a good brownie...

So year's off to a better start that last year... hopefully it will continue like this.

*this just in*
Why do I attract weird guys? My friend S was telling me about some cute guy from work today, and when he came in, he started talking to her. I sit right in front of her station so I could hear everything they were talking about. I couldn't see what he looked like, cuz I had my back to them, so I turn around ever-so-sublte, and he WAS cute, but had facial hair (a HUGE no-no for filipino guys in my book), but he kinda looks like Benjamin Bratt with it... not too bad! Anyway, so he's talking about his kids or something, and I'm like, oh well, guess he's married or something. Well, I come home and S emails me telling me he's asking about me! I'm like... from that 5-seconds that I turned around?? Apparently he's seen me before... Anyway, it sucks because turns out he has an ex-wife (mother of his 1st kid) and an ex-gf (mother of the 2nd kid), even though neither kid lives with him. I'm not really looking for a serious boyfriend, so I can deal with him having kids. But it just seems like sooo much baggage to deal with. Well he's asking her if we wanna hang out with him and his friend tomorrow night. I might not be in town tomorrow night, and S works, and I'm not going alone anyway! *Sigh*. Why can't good, decent, single and available cute (Asian) guys ever notice me??


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