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viernes, diciembre 20, 2002

So I was supposed to see Lord Of The Rings, earlier (Thursday), but the showing we wanted was sold out, of course, and the next one was kinda late, and so instead we saw The Hot Chick. I love Rob Schneider. It was pretty funny. Stupid, but funny. He's great.
I'm supposed to see LOTR later today (Friday)... hmm... I better! I've been dying to see this movie for a whole year!!!
So, anyway, I had to call in "sick" at work becuase I'm not picking up my car until later today, and this call-in gives me a warning. This warning disables me from doing a shift change for 30 days, and a dept. transfer for 3 months! *sigh*. I wanted to go to customer care NOW! Dammit. But how could I go to work with no car? To go to the movie, someone else picked me up and drove, but I doubt they would've taken me to work and picked me up at 1am! *Grrr* I hate my job. I need a real job. Something that makes actual money. And doesn't bore me to tears. I want the fantasy, basically. =\


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