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sábado, diciembre 14, 2002

Home on Saturday night... *Sigh*
I was so tired from yesterday that I thought I just wanted a quiet day at home, and not do anything. But I AM SO BORED! I took a "nap" from 730pm til 10pm. It felt nice, but I woke up because a certain jerk decided to call. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Breaking-up-with-you-to-be-with-my-Afghani-lover called tonight. Why, you ask? No one knows. There's so much drama in that area that it's not even funny. Now he's accussing me of not wanting to pay him some money I owe him, when I've been chasing him to pay him for 2 months. All I did was mention how it sucks that he waited until my finals week to be available, which means I have very little free time, and until it was one week before Christmas, when I would kinda need the money more than ever. Well he's all like, if you knew you owed me money, you shoulda set it aside and know that it was accounted for. Well, that's not the point. I have the money, I can kinda spare it and I've known it's for him since I got it. But I just spent $400 bucks (see 12/11) that weren't accounted for, and now $200 is gonna hurt more than it would've a month or 2 ago. He doesn't see this, of course, because it's all about how I'm trying to not pay him and hide. WTF. Whatever. And now he's pulling a "this is not what friends do" crap, and I'm like, DO NOT even go there, cuz ever since we broke up all I've been trying to do is be his friend, and he's the one who made it clear he wasn't interested. Well, now I'm not interested. Hmmph.

ANYWAY... I'm still bored... but I'm too tired and lazy to do anything about it. And I'll say this again, NEMESIS rocked!!!!.


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