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miércoles, diciembre 18, 2002

Either I didn't post anything from end of August til November, or someone screwed up and my archives were erased... hmmmm...

SCHOOL'S OVER!!!! YAY!!! Just took my very last final. Oh yea! And I got my paper back, got an A, BABY! I am so sexcited. I wish I knew how to upload .doc documents, so y'all could read it. It's not the most interesting paper perhaps, but it got an A!!!
And now a great big *sigh* of RELIEF! I'm supposed to register for school at 3pm today, and I still haven't made up my mind about which classes to take. I have a tentative schedule, but I'm still unsure. Plus, I need to change my hours at work, because I am so over working at night. I want something earlier. Work and school do not mix for me. This sucks. How am I supposed to ever graduate? I'm already burning out and my schedule isn't even as hectic as a lot of people's. I like to whine. ;-)

I do NOT want to go to work tonight, but we have a meeting. At least I get some pizza! I wish I could go home after the meeting. But my supervisor will probably not let me. Boohooo... =p


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