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jueves, diciembre 12, 2002

Ahhh... almost out of school. I'm so ready for that. Today I got to sleep in a lil... Woke up at 11am. Felt nice. I only had to go to Bowling class. Took the final. Some of the questions were kinda hard. Then we had to score some games, but everyone was talking and passing answers and stuff. It was pretty cool. At least I know how to score now. I got all answers right. A+ baby!! So that's 2 As, one possible B and who knows what for Astrobiology.

So I got a stupid fucking parking ticket this morning. All the assholes on my street don't know how to park, so I had to park really close to the corner last night after work. The ticket says I'm 100% blocking an unmarked crosswalk. Unmarked. And I was SO NOT blocking anything. People could fucking walk thru. I get off work at 12am, and by the time I get home, everyone's home, and there's nowhere to park. How come I get the ticket, and not the assholes who park in more than one spot? What made me angrier though, was that I was supposed to leave my apt at 12pm, to go to school, but I ran a lil late, and didn't leave til 12:20. Well the damn ticket was give to me at 12:17... CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?? Man, talk about bad luck. $35 bucks down the drain. Like I can afford it. *sigh*

Tomorrow I'm helping a friend photograph a wedding. It's a goth wedding. No clue how to dress. I probably own one semi-nice outfit. It'll have to do.

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