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martes, diciembre 10, 2002

Now that Figgaz is back, seems like I am sooo gonna abandon this blog. *sigh*. Sorry... it's not like anyone, AHEM, comments or anything, so for all I know no one reads it. *hint*... I have stuff to post, but maybe when school ends I'll have more time to blog stuff. Hmm... if you comment... I'll think about posting more. ;) I'm shameless.

So, anyway, yesterday my car broke down. Again. Stupid piece of junk. I had to wait about 2hrs for the tow truck cuz the driver had gotten the wrong instructions. Dammit. So my stepdad and my mom came over, my stepdad rode with the tow truck to the mechanic's to drop off my car. My mom took me to work, and my brother picked me up. I got off 2 hrs early for that. That was nice. Leave early. But then I didn't get to bed until like 4am, and I had to wake up at 8am *groan. I rented a car. Well, my mom did cuz I'm 24 and you gotta be 25. Sucks. But I drive it. It's a red Ford Escort. I don't even like american cars (except the Ford Focus), but compared to my piece of crap, this car feels like heaven.

So I need to get laid... have I said this enough?


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