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lunes, diciembre 16, 2002

Aaaaaahh... No school today. *YAY*.
Yesterday I worked 3:30pm-12am. 8 full hrs. Yes. I'm not used to that. Especially at my particularly boring job. But yesterday was OK. Lots of idiots calling to let me know that they hate PBS. Well, don't watch it. It's not like I can do anything when people call to complain and hang up, because first, I'm not at the TV station, second, it's not my job, and third, I don't talk to any PBS management ever. Whatever!!
Now I'm back home from lunch. Went to Denny's. Had a belgian waffle.. mmmm... love waffles.
I am very much dreading going back to my regular job tonight. With my regular 9pm-1am schedule, and NO internet access. *snif*. Oh man. Not good.

And now I wanna say hello to my #1 fan:
HI KEVIN!! You said to mention you and you'd comment... hehe. =)


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