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sábado, diciembre 14, 2002

Well, the wedding was nice. I'll ask my friend for the link to the pics so you can see them. I'm not in many of them. I'm probably in ONE. I wasn't a guest, so there was no reason for me to be in them. The wedding was at Balboa Park. It was very pretty. Like I mentioned before, it was a Goth wedding, and they were dressed really cool. They all looked pretty cool. I got there around 2pm, and they didn't start til 4! I was so tired by then. Then the reception was at around 430-5, and more pics were taken. There I was really falling asleep. I didn't get to eat! I was sooooo hungry. No food for me. Not even cake. We finally left at 7pm... finally... and we went to see...
NEMESIS. YEAH! I learned a new word. Trekker. Means, fan of the newer series. Trekkies are fans of the old series, Trekkers of the newer ones. I'm a Trekker. I'm not too fond of the old one. =p. I liked the movie though. I just wish I hadn't been so tired!
A good day...


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