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miércoles, diciembre 11, 2002

So, I got my car back. Cost: $400. It better fucking last this time. I'm so sick of that car. My mom is talking about helping me get a newer one. She said I should get financing thru my bank. I'm already in so much debt... but I cannot be driving that thing any longer.
Today was my school presentation on Autism. I HATE public speaking. It was in a group, so I was less nervous, but my part was pretty controversial, as it talked about treatment and some dietary changes that are recommended for children with autistic behavior, and these haven't really been proven to work much. I knew the teacher would totally go all over me on it, but I was prepared. We got an A anyway *yay*.
Tomorrow is my bowling final. Yes, bowling final. With the exception of my Astrobiology class, which I totally got lazy on, I did pretty well this semester. Even though I missed school a lot. I'm so ready for school to end!!!!
My spoiled princess ass is not getting any Christmas presents from mommy... *grr*. I'm such a baby. And now that I have been royally dumped, I cannot even expect a gift there. Boo hoo.
Well, I got laid today... YAY. If I post that I want to win the lottery, can I expect similar speedy results? hehe.

*Ahem* Den and Borgster said they would comment, and yet... I don't see it. BOO!


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