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martes, diciembre 17, 2002

Home sweet home. I think those were the longest 4 hrs of my life. I'm such a whiner.
Today I discovered that I have logged in around 600 hrs at my current job, and only needed 520 before being converted to an employee (I'm a temp). Well, that's great! I could've been converted in November, but noooo... I need to get converted so I can transfer to the position I want. Dammit. I NEED IT NOW!! *sigh*
So tonight pretty much sucked. Back to the pager, and the idiots. I had a guy call 3 separate times, asking for some info on Nissan car parts. All 3 different times he mentioned a different car. I tried to explain as nicely as I could that it was a paging service, leave a name and number and they'll call you back. I might as well have spoken Greek to him because apparently that's a concept that is too hard to grasp. "I don't have a phone number where they can call back, I just need some info". It's 10 in the freaking night and you want info on car parts, and have no call back number??!??! Idiot!
I did not miss them... I want to go back to Customer Care! I'm sure there are tons of idiots there too, but still, the net access is a great incentive.

Now that holiday shoppers abound and tempers fly, I want to ask everyone who reads this blog to PLEASE read the following article: 10 Things Customers shouldn't do. PLEEEASE!!
And to whoever works in retail... 10 Things you should never say to customers.


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