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domingo, diciembre 08, 2002

*Groan*... man I'm so hungover.
I went to the Balboa Park thing, and it was pretty fun. We didn't get there til around 8pm though, and the whole thing ended at 9, so by then a lot of the food was gone. ONE HR to find stupid parking!! Otherwise we would've gotten there at 7pm, *grrr*. But it's ok. I ate and ate... yum yum. The bad part of getting there so late was that all the museums had been open for free, but I didn't get to go, cuz they closed at 830. Food or museums? Guess which one... hehe.
After the park, we went to P.B. Bar & Grill. We spent most of the night at Club Tremors right next door though. I drank the whole place. I cannot feel my body. It was F-U-N though!! *yay*.
Looks like Figgaz is coming back... Good thing, cuz I was running out of things to do on the net. How did I survive a whole 2 weeks without it??

Thanks to the wonderful people who commented! MORE MORE! =)


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