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sábado, febrero 26, 2005

Movie Week

K, update. Nothing too interesting but you know my life. Last Saturday was the gig my brother organized at Machuca's bar. I went to TJ with my mom on Friday and went to Gypsy's with T and E (CHISTORRA!!! mmm). So Saturday, S drove down to TJ in his car, and I met him at the border so he wouldn't get lost on the way to my mom's. We went to E's sporting goods store where S was like a kid in a toy store and he bought these really cool sneaks and some soccer socks. Afterwards, we went to my mom's to eat but of course by the time we got there my brother had eaten almost ALL the ribs! DUDE!!! So S ate some of the salmon my mom made for her and JJ, and I ate the measly 4 ribs my brother left me (thanks man =p), and also some really good potatoes... Oh and queso fundido con chorizo which was great. Afterwards, we chilled for a bit before going to Machuca's. S played Mortal Kombat and got his ass kicked haha (sorry S!!), and then we went to Machuca's. The bands were cool, but of course I got wasted off my very good friend, the long island iced tea:

Good times. So anyway, I got a bit drunk so we left before the last band played, oops... But we went to El Gordo for some good-ass adobada tacos.

Sunday, Steph and I went to see In Good Company, starring my beautiful Topher Grace. Before the movie we went to Ruby's!! Mmm burgers. The movie was good, and Topher was cute as always!

Monday I made lasagna, which was awesome. S came over after his soccer game, in which he got injured, awww. Some dude just kicked his knee (hard to explain in writing) and he was limping... I don't even know how he finished the game considering the kick happened at the start of the game. So we ate lasagna and hung out. Tuesday came and went, nothing exciting happened, but at night S came over again and we watched Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust. One of my personal favorites! Wednesday, S and I went to see The Merchant of Venice, which is S's favorite play, the only Shakespeare play he likes hehe. I don't really know Shakespeare since I never had to read him, but I really, really liked the movie. It was great, awesome, go see it!!!!!!! Thursday we went to Air Conditioned again, and that is always fun! And Friday I stayed home. S came over, we watched TV for a bit, and then Ellen Degeneres: Here and Now, which, no matter how many times I see it, I laugh and laugh... She's the best!!! It was a good week.


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