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jueves, febrero 17, 2005

Leonora, the name (scroll down, don't know why the big-ass space)

L is for Legendary
E is for Extreme
O is for Optimistic
N is for Nutty
O is for Orderly
R is for Revolutionary
A is for Alluring

Oh yea! Stole it from Ady's blog :) So that's what my name means... And yes that is my name and not Jadzia, that is just a nickname I use online but pretty much everyone knows my real name already anyway.

I just got home from Air Conditioned. Well, first Steph and I went to eat at The Abbey Cafe. I had Chef Jason's Special, which was cheese-filled raviolis in a light, herb-cream sauce. It was SOOO GOOOODD. All that was missing was some garlic bread... Where was the bread!!?? I love bread. But it's ok. Anyway, after dinner and walking around a bit, Steph and I met up with S and his 2 friends E and M at AC. Had a Malibu & pineapple juice, and hung out for a bit. And now I just got home. Good times :)


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