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miércoles, febrero 16, 2005

What's the buzz...

...tell me what's a-happenin', what's the buzz...

Saturday was K's bday so S and I drove down to TJ for the party. They had a lady making gorditas, OMG so good. Seriously... mmm I want gorditas now dammit. Good times.

Sunday we saw Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. I LOVED IT. I want the uniforms and the shoes... OMG THE SHOES. Anyway, it's a great movie, but it has odd humour so if you're not into that, then don't go see and it complain it was a bad movie. Just don't go. If you have a sense of humour that goes beyond the three stooges, then by all means, GO SEE THE DAMN MOVIE!!!

Anyway, Monday was Valentine's Day awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. And for the first time in a million years, I had a good day. And I had not one, but TWO valentines!! Haha. Well, kinda sorta. S had made plans with his cousin before we had even met, so I wasn't about to make him break them, even though he offered to reschedule with her, which I thought was so sweet. Plus, we'd just met and I didn't wanna be all pushy and weird. But she wasn't able to move up the plans so I joined them, she joined us, whatever you wanna call it. And it was great!!! In a weird turn of events, turns out her mom used to be my mom's friend (before she moved to Germany apparently)... Odd stuff eh, SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL!!! Anyway, I had a lot of fun!! We went to the Turf Club which, if you haven't gone, is a steak place/bar where you grill your own food. It was SOOOOOOOOOO GOOOD. Seriously, best steak ever. Amazing.

And that's how my days have been lately, I haven't been online much, with school and stuff well, I just don't have time!!! Sorry I know everyone who reads this (all three of you) are just dying for updates! haha... anyway... I'm out!


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