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lunes, diciembre 22, 2003

What a week!
Last Monday was my last day at school. I had 2 finals, both pretty easy. Tuesday I just vegged all day. I miss sailing!! Wednesday I decided I should probably start (START!) my holiday shopping, so I went to Hallmark and got some cards. Thursday was my aunt's bday, so after having dinner with my roomate (long time no see!!), we went to congratulate my aunt. Friday I went to TJ cuz it was my friend's sisters' bday (twins). They're 20. OMG, I met them when they were 7 and I was 12!! *Snif* My, how they've grown... =p

I came back from TJ on Saturday, and after having a late breakfast with my mom, my friends T and E came over and we did some more holiday shopping (damn procrastinators!) and then watched Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. OOHH IT'S AMAZING!!!!! 3.5 hrs long, yet not tedious. A bit of dragging in the "get rid of the ring" part, but otherwise amazing. Heard so much about the supposed "fake-out" endings, that I knew to wait for "THE END"...

Sunday, more holiday shopping. And still not done!! I only have $40 left though, so... =\ dunno what I'm gonna do about that. I NEED A JOB! A non-McJob one preferably...

Random Thought:
Why are men SO WEIRD!?!?!


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