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domingo, noviembre 23, 2003

I'm SO tired... I shouldn't be but whatever. I can't believe it's almost Thanksgiving... I LOVE Thanksgiving!! Well, I love eating Thanksgiving food. I guess I should be thankful and stuff, but yea the food's great.

So this week: in my life... What a geek... ok...

Monday nights I don't usually go to bed too early, because my Tuesday class isn't until 2pm. So I stay up watching Jay Leno (HEADLINES!). Anyway, this past Monday, I probably went to bed around 2am (I guess technically it was already Tuesday), nothing too extreme really, but I was still more than just a little ticked off when I was awaken at 5:30am by some pretty loud music. My first thought was: I didn't set my alarm to 5:30! Then I was like, wait a minute! I don't even set my alarm to music! I have a regular buzzer... The music sounded like it was in my room, that's how loud it was! So I waited like 10 mins (which at that time in the morning felt like 10 hours), and then called the manager. But the way that things work in this complex is, the manager is only in from 8am to 5pm. Any other time, when you dial the office number, you get directed to security. So I was like, look the person next to me is being really loud and its 5:40am!! The lady said she'd try (key word: TRY) to get security to ask them to shut up. I didn't wanna have to leave my warm bed to ask some loud ass people to cut it out! It was almost 6am and the music was still going... So I called again. The lady is like, oh security left at 5:30am and they won't be in again til 7:30pm... I'm like, what kinda security is that?? So I'm all pissed and I decided to march over there and ask them to SHUT THE FUCK UP! The girl who answered the door was not apologetic or sympathetic. She just said that she'd TRY to do something about it (what's with people and just TRYING to do things?!), but she closed her statement with "It's not even that loud". Look, I don't care if you don't think it's loud, if it's 5:30am, and I think it's loud, then it's LOUD. The no-noise rules applies from 10pm to 10am, so yea, if someone other than the person playing the music says it's too loud, then it's too loud! Nothing was done about it for about 25 more minutes, by now I'm thinking, yea I don't get to sleep anymore! I went over there again, and was like WTH? The girl finally explained that it was her roommate's alarm clock, and that the door was locked and the roommate wasn't home. Well, why couldn't she say that from the start?? Sigh... Eventually the roommate came home and turned it off, but by now it's 7:30am, and I've been up for 2 hrs. That was certainly not a good start to my day.

Fortunately, that was the worst thing that happened this week, and the week got better as it went on. Thursday, my mom, my brother and I went to Disneyland!! OMG it was so much fun. My brother and I got the super cool, 2-Park Southern California Resident Annual Passport, which is only $105, and can be used for 12 months with the exception of some blockout days, which include every Saturday, and most of the summer and winter holiday times. But I wouldn't wanna go on those days anyway! It's too crowded!! I'm so excited though, I can't wait to go back. I LOVE Disneyland, and Disney in general. I also got this super cool beanie while I was there:

It's a pirate beanie matey!! *ARRRRRRR* =p

But yes, the good stuff doesn't stop there... I don't wanna jinx anything, so all I'll say is that I've never had such a good time. Super cool.

Alright children, the goodies stop here. Til next time!


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