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domingo, noviembre 30, 2003

Sunday bloody Sunday....

Well there's nothing bloody about my Sunday really... Just felt like putting a title to my post.

My mom and I have breakfast every Saturday. Well, it's usually around 11am, so it's a late breakfast, but still. I like this little tradition we've acquired. Ever since I moved out of home, my mom and I get along great. Growing up, my mom was always the "father figure" of the household, since she worked a typical 9-5 job and was strict, while my dad was more like a "mother figure" in that he was usually home (he worked only mornings at his own pace) and was the I went to if I wanted to convince mom of something. When my parents divorced, my brother and I stayed with my mom. Having the "nicer" parent out of the house made things a bit harder, and I ended up resenting my mom a lot. While in puberty, and later on in my teens, my mom and I did NOT get along that great. I was rebellious and always talking back. Fortunately, as I got older, we just started getting along a bit better; at first it was just OK, but after I moved out, I actually WANTED to spend time with her. And so now we have our Saturdays.

We went to Mimi's Café for breakfast, and then to Target. I LOVE TARGET. Especially the 2-story Target in Mission Valley, OMG it's great. I got a bunch of stuff... I really need to go again, but I guess first I need money. Hehe.

In the late afternoon I finally got to play Mario Kart: Double Dash, for the GameCube. I got this game the day it came out (Nov. 11) but hadn't gotten around to play it for some reason. It is THE BEST game!! I already kick ass on Mario Kart 64, for the Nintendo 64, so we'll see how long it takes me to kick ass on this new one. A bit longer, I supposed, since I'm already OLD!! hehee...

Today is the season finale of Carnivále. I'm still obsessed with this show!! I can't believe it's already the end... I read somewhere that IF there is another season, it won't be on TV til next FALL!! How will I ever survive?! (j/k). So I'm pretty excited about that. We'll see how many answers we get in this final episode, because I don't think everything will be revealed quite yet. Too many questions!!



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