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domingo, diciembre 07, 2003

What a week!
Monday I got my psych paper back. I was NOT pleased. The teacher made it seem like this paper was pretty "whatever", that we didn't need to worry too much about it... Well it was totally graded as an essay, the teacher WAS looking for a thesis statement and at least 3 topics and all that shit. SOOOO not what she appeared to have said before. OH WELL. I still get to pass the class and that's A-OK with me...

Tuesday was the last day of sailing... *SNIF* We have our written final this coming Tuesday, so last Tuesday was gonna be the last time we got to sail the boats. I'm gonna miss my Hobie cat! Passing the course means I can rent them out though, so if anyone wants to go sailing... just let me know!

Wednesday was a day like any other... Some stuff happened but I just don't feel like going into it at this point. It was a day of transition...

Thursday was Jingle Ball 2003!!! Oh it was goooooood!! I went on Thursday and two of my friends went on Friday. I totally wanted to go both days, especially Friday since my lovely Jason Mraz performed that day. But my mom wanted to go Thursday because she wanted to see Jewel and Donna Summer. The other performers of that day were pretty awesome too... But definitely Donna Summer was my favorite. Man the woman CAN SING! The Bangles were pretty good too, but almost everyone started leaving when they started to play, which was pretty sad. Susanna Hoffs is H-O-T! Wow...

Friday I was feeling kinda down, so my friend T offered to come up and take me out to dinner. We went to T.G.I. Friday's, cuz I'd been DYING to have the super-fabulous Brownie Obsession... oooh man. After the concert, our other 2 friends joined us at Friday's. We were there for like 5 hrs, 3 hrs just T and I... then 2 more when A and E joined us. It was a GOOD time.

Then, another Saturday with Mom. Went to Brians' (that's how it's spelled!) for breakfast. Good place, one in Hillcrest and one in Kearny Mesa. We went to the one in Kearny. Yummy breakfasts!! I got home and my friends were supposed to come over. So they call at 3 saying they're on their way. I thought I'd take a nap before meeting with them, but since they called and I THOUGHT they were already on the US side (from TJ), I figured I'd just wait for them. I was getting a bit annoyed when an hour had passed and they were still not here. The plan was to hang out for a bit, maybe go holiday shopping, then at 5:45pm I had to go to my school and take the Upper Division Writing Test, which I need to take in order to graduate, even though I'm still a couple of years away from that. After the exam we were supposed to go to December Nights at Balboa Park, since I love going every year, and after that, a movie. Well, they decided that they were too tired to walk around the park, and that they were starving... GIRLS!! Sigh... what can one do right?? So we headed towards Mission Valley, and went to eat at Ruby's Diner, where they have THE BEST SHAKES!! Then, after being at Ruby's for like 3 hrs... man we talk too much haha... we went to see Gothika. SCARY ASS #@!%#$^!!!! I actually SCREAMED out loud. My friend T basically didn't see the movie since she was covering her face the whole time, I saw the movie thru my hands and A just sat there developing theories of her own... It was lots of fun though. My friends are so nice! Yea, even though they were 2 hrs late picking me up and I didn't get to do the Balboa Park dealie... I still love them and I really need them right now.


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