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jueves, noviembre 13, 2003

I hate homework... I hate papers even more! Sigh. I haven't been blogging cuz I've been reaaaaaaaally lazy, and homework keeps piling up. Not that anything has happened anyway. I can't believe school is almost over. FINALLY!!! Two more weeks and it's THANKSGIVING! A day of gorging myself with all kinds of food... I mean... A day to give thanks... for all the food I'm gonna eat!! hehehee...
Then it's Jingle Ball time!!! I wanted to go on both days, but alas, I only got tickets for one. =( Oh well.... I'll get the DVD later... hehe.

And now I leave you with Great Moments with Stupid Criminals:
(yes, from my great calendar)

Police officer (to purse-snatching suspect in lineup): Put your baseball cap on the other way, with the bill facing front.

Suspect: No, I’m gonna put it on backwards. That’s the way I had it on when I took the purse.

Ohh yea... I love stupid criminals.


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