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jueves, diciembre 11, 2003

Last week of CLASS!! Yesterday was my last day of class for the semester. YES! Now I just got 2 finals left to do... One is just a quiz! This was a pretty good semester. I kept thinking, man the semester was so short... Then my friend Lisa told me we're on Trimesters now. DOH! I had no clue. So what that means is that the Summer session is just as long as Fall and Spring. It's supposed to get people to graduate faster, but they don't necessarily offer all the classes we need in Summer. SIGH.

Today I registered for Spring. I always change my schedule at the last minute though. Well, so far I have 16 units, and all the classes I need. I might add some phys. ed. class, like maybe another sailing class or rowing again, but I'll decide that in January when school starts. Those classes are really easy to add.

This past weekend could've sucked, since certain things happened that I wish hadn't, but it actually was a nice weekend. I especially liked Sunday.

This week, so far so good. Monday was nice, watched Dreamcatcher. I like the story somewhat, but I'm sure that, like most Stephen King's movies, the book is better. It reminded me a lot of It, which is my favorite Stephen King story (book AND movie) so far. I wanted to see Dreamcatcher because the beautiful Jason Lee is in it, and as always, he did NOT disappoint me. I LOVE HIM!

Tuesday, my friend A and I went shopping after I got out of sailing. I miss my boat! Well, not MY boat, but A boat since every week I'd use a different one. I miss it nevertheless. The mall wasn't as crowded as I thought it would be, with it being December and stuff. I guess people are gonna wait til like, the 20something to really get into their shopping (like I'm probably gonna end up doing since I have no money and have no clue what to give anyone).

I haven't been to TJ in like a month. There's just been no time. I prefer to go during the week cuz weekends just piss me off. Since that last Saturday that I went and had to wait 2hrs (NOT kidding) when there were only about 30 cars per lane (INSANE!), I haven't been back. Lucky for me my mom and my friends drive up here to see me. But my dad can't... so I gotta go down there soon to see him. It's been a while.

Now that school's over I'm gonna have even less interesting things to talk about here, not that anything I ever type is interesting to anyone except me. So prepare yourselves for really boring posts for the next couple of weeks.



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