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jueves, noviembre 27, 2003

Happy Thanksgiving to ALL!!

So much to be thankful for!! But more than anything, I'm thankful for a very, very special someone. I never thought that I could be as happy as I am right now, and I never thought someone so great could exist, and would come into MY life. This has been the best week, THE BEST.

Saturday night, we went to Belmont Park. We walked around the beach for a bit and then rode the Giant Dipper. SO FUN!! Afterwards, we wanted to see a movie. We bought tickets for Elf, but when we went to the theater, there was a HUGE line for it. We're like, didn't this open a WHILE ago?! So instead, we saw Love Actually. GREAT movie. Love actually IS all around!!

Monday was back to school.... It felt like the longest day. Tuesday I decided I didn't wanna go sailing, hehe, felt too lazy. It was a good thing though, because not 10 mins before my class was to start, my brother called. His work starting time got pushed back a few hrs, so he had some free time. He came over and we ate and watched TV. Wednesday, J and I went to Mission Valley, walked around, went to the arcade a bit. It's so nice to spend time with him doing even the littlest things!!

Today, TURKEY DAY! The plan was to go with him for a bit with a coworker around noon, then I'd go to my aunt's house and he'd go with his dad, then at night possibly go with his brother together. But... sigh.. as is my life, changing everything at the last minute, now he's going to his brother's earlier, because his brother has to be at work at 5pm, I'm still going to my aunt's, he's still going with his dad, only now after his brother's thing... So I don't get so see him til later on tonight, maybe, since he's gotta be at work really early in the morning tomorrow. Poor baby!! Working the day after Thanksgiving has got to be the worst ever. I'm gonna miss him!! Hehehe, I know it's only one day... But you know when you're at the beginning of something and you just wanna see them all the time!! Hehe...

Hope you all have a good day and if you don't get to have turkey, don't worry I'll be sure to eat plenty for everyone!! Hahaha.

AAAANNDDDD... before I forget, Happy Birthday to my oldest and dearest friend, DULCE! Who is in Puerto Rico and I miss her so. I've known her since 1983, when I was 5 and she was almost 6!! I don't think she reads my blog, but it's ok. HAPPY BDAY!! Here's a pic of us back in 2000, I'm on the left of course.


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