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viernes, noviembre 28, 2003

I went to the gym today. It felt GOOD. I really want to make this a habit, to go regularly and work out for at least 45 mins, preferably more. It's something I really NEED to get used to doing on a regular basis. Heart disease runs in my family, and with my horrible eating habits, I need to at least exercise to not make it even worse. I'll work on my eating later, hehe.

I don't know why after a holiday or after something really good happening, I get all sad. Last week after Disney, I could've become all sad, I almost expected it to happen. But then I met the greatest person, and I lucked out... Unfortunately, it caught up with me today. I've been feeling pretty down most of today. I wish I knew why, there's no palpable reason. It begins with something really little and easily overcome. But it seems like after that, little by little, more and more small things start rushing in, and then it's bigger things... until all of a sudden I can't control it and I just explode. It's hard to stop. On one level I feel happy. I feel happy about a lot of things. But I also feel sad about a lot of other things. And some days, the sad part wins...

Sorry to depress you all, but I just needed to let it out a bit.


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