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domingo, diciembre 28, 2003

Christmas has passed, once more. Another year ending. This was definitely not the best year ever, not the worse, but certainly among the least pleasant. It could've ended as the happiest, but alas, apparently it's not my time yet.

Tuesday I left for TJ. I could've left Wednesday with my brother, but one of my friends who now lives in Mexico City (F) was supposed to be in town, and my other friends and I were gonna have breakfast with her on Wednesday. Well, I get to TJ, and went to dinner with my best friend A and her bf J, and they tell me our beloved F is not going to be able to join us for breakfast after all. SIGH. I thought, fine I get to sleep in, no biggie. But it was pretty annoying.

Wednesday the 24th, we all gathered at my grandma's house. Everything was going great until my aunt put the biscuits in the oven (which she'd made from scratch and had spent most of the afternoon rolling and cutting). After about 20 mins, she realized they were not baking properly and started yelling. The oven at my grandma's house used to be in my house (well, my mom's). Let me tell ya, there's a reason why the oven is not in our house anymore; it doesn't work right! But apparently my mom thought all it needed was a new environment, as if that's gonna fix it. It cooks casseroles and anything in a dish great; it's individual things such as cookies and biscuits that it will screw up. So my aunt is yelling and my drunk mother is just riling her up saying it's not the oven's fault, that "the cook's temperament also affects the cooking". Oh, mom, SHUT UP! So not the right thing to say to my aunt, who is not known for her patience. Eventually, with the oven at 500F, and after about 1hr, the biscuits were done...

The rest of the night went on better. After dinner, we opened our presents and just hung out. Since everyone in my family is OLD (if not in age, at least in mind), the whole thing ended before 11:30pm! My brother and I were bored, so we went to his friend C's house. I didn't go to sleep until 4am that day. And of course my mom decides to wake me up at 9:30am (already the 25th!) to open up our other presents!! SIGH!! Of course once she woke me up I couldn't go back to sleep. The same can't be said about my brother, who immediately after the gift exchange went upstairs and slept for the remainder of the day.

Around noon on the 25th, we (my mom, stepdad and I) went to mass. ME AT MASS. Unbelievable. I kinda wish I went more often. After mass, more good eating at grandma's! I ate so much that day... It was a pretty nice day.

Friday I came back home. And I've done nothing since. Well, it's not like I can anyway. Yesterday morning I started feeling kinda sick, and I realized I caught my brother's cold. =( Not good. But the good thing is that I got to watch the entire Degrassi: The Next Generation marathon, which was ALL WEEKEND from 3pm til 2am. AWESOME. Good stuff since I was sick and couldn't really go out. I'm such a nerd but this show is good. =p So judge all you want!

Next up: the new year. No plans yet... But whatever you do, BE SAFE!!


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