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lunes, agosto 04, 2003

Whew!! Finally back!! It was great...

Friday the 25th, we threw my friend T a party at the house on the beach. It was a GOOD party. Got drunk off my ass, hehe. About 20-30 people showed up. Old friends, new friends, a bit of everything. Saturday we just chilled, we were all kinda hungover. Sunday I got my hair braided on the beach. Sunday we drove back to Tijuana, since A and T had to work Monday. Monday I was supposed to go back to the beach, but it kinda sprinkled and the day was just gloomy and dark so I didn't. Tuesday it was my grandma's saint day (like a birthday, but it's the day of the saint who has your name; Catholic thing), so we had a big family thing at her house. Tuesday night I drove back to the beach house with my 13 yr-old niece and her friend. Wednesday we spent the whole day on the beach, I got burned (not tan =\), and I got beat up by the water. Good times. Thursday I came up to SD for the night, and went back to Tijuana on Friday. That night, T celebrated her bday for the 3rd time! with a Hawaiian-themed party. Saturday I went to see the Vagina Monologues, in Spanish (in TJ), with my friends. Good play. Very good. And yesterday I went out for coffee with my 2 best friends, an old friend from high school and his cousin. It was all in all, an extremely good week. It'd been a while since I had done stuff. It feels good to do something other than veg at home all day. BUT! I did miss vegging, so I'm gonna do that all day today, tomorrow and maybe even Wednesday. =)


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