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sábado, mayo 03, 2003

Rain, rain, go awayyyy....

I don't love the rain. It makes me lazy, and not wanna go out. I hate driving in the rain. Maybe when I get a better car I'll like it. Now, not so much.
Yesterday I went out. Whoa! Well, not out out. Just to the mall, and to eat. I needed some clothes. I've been cooped up in my room for over a month now, so my wardrobe pretty much became all PJs and loungewear. The last time I wore out-of-the-house clothes, it was seriously cold out, so I wanted to get more warm-weather stuff. And now it's raining, nice. I went to Old Navy and bought: navy flip-flops, navy sweatshirt (I like navy, and I know the pic is of a gray one, but they didn't have a pic of a navy), gray pants, some PJs and the greatest pair of jeans ever, both of which aren't on the website. All in all, a good night.

Lately, I've been going to bed between 6-9am, and waking up around 4pm. All I do all night is watch TV. There's nothing else to do, and my days are getting way too long with nothing to do. I guess being up all night makes me feel like my days are shorter (because I sleep through most of it), and thus I get less bored. Nick at nite, ALL night long. It'd still be nice to have something to do...


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