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lunes, junio 30, 2003

I'm baaaaaaaack! I was expecting to tan yesterday, yet I'm still white as paper. What's the deal?? Sigh. It was nice though. Good food, family, good times. And I swam! I missed swimming so much. I love pools. I love water, I should say. I should've been a mermaid.

Could you be a US Citizen if you hadn't been born here, or if you had to take a quiz to do so? Find out. People who want to immigrate and become citizens of the US have to take a similar (albeit harder and not multiple choice) quiz. I would barely make it. I was born here, but I never went to school here, so I know squat about US history. Still, I got 8/11 which I thought was pretty good for someone who hates history and never learned US history to begin with. RIGHT?? Go see how you do, and let me know. Hehe.


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