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viernes, abril 18, 2003

Yea, I didn't go to school all this week either. Basically I think I lost the semester. It pisses me off! Why couldn't I get sick after school had ended? or NOT AT ALL? This blows big time... Wasted money, wasted efforts... WASTE!

This week my sleeping hours have been sooo screwy. I've been going to bed between 4am and 6am and waking up at 2-3pm. Today I wanted to kinda go back to "normal" hours, and even though I went to bed at 3am, I was planning on waking up "early" since my mom was going to come by at around 10-11am. Well, yes she came at 11am, and I woke up, but I couldn't stay up for long. So I slept some more from 2pm-530pm. DOH! I guess I'm not going to bed that early tonight. I know it's "Friday night" to most of you, but to me it's just another day of being sick.

So I was watching 7th Heaven one day (yes, being sick gives you a lot of free time and you end up watching stuff that you never thought you would)... anyway, it's a pretty good show sometimes. In the episode, this one dude was dating this one chick, and wanted his brother to meet her. Well it turned out that the girl smoked. They made a big deal out of it and I kept thinking "so?". I understand that this show is all about good messages, so I didn't think much about it. They go to this outdoor cafe and she lights up. This older couple next to them asked her politely if she could not smoke please, because the guy was allergic to cigarrettes. The girl snapped at them that because of "people like them" the smoking section was now outside so "deal with it" and refused to put it out. At this point I was pissed, I mean WHO would do that?. I tried not to think that she was being that way because she was a smoker, but because she was just rude. Then the girl tries to check her messages and can't get through so she wanted to drop by her house to see if everything was ok. They go and turns out that the house burned down because she didn't put out a cigarrette. This is when I got REALLY pissed off. She was acting like it didn't matter. Her boyfriend's brother was like "you just burned down your house" and she says "oh, it wasn't mine. I was house-sitting", like that makes it any better, and lights up another cig. They made it seem like she was being that way because she smoked! I got pissed off because I don't know ANY smokers who are THAT rude! I mean, if someone asks me to not smoke around them please, I find another spot to smoke. And I would certainly care if I burned down a house, whether or not it's MINE! I mean, I understand that people shouldn't smoke, and all that crap, but COME ON! So yea, I just wanted to rant about it, because I hate stereotypes, especially really exaggerated ones. It just made no sense to me.


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