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miércoles, abril 23, 2003

Long time...
Haven't been feeling that great. Today I'm going to school to make sure I don't get failed by not showing up, and to see if I am getting my incompletes from my teacher. I WILL HAVE TO REDO THE WHOLE SEMESTER. How great is that? *sarcasm*. AND 2 of the classes I was taking are only offered in spring, so I have to wait until NEXT spring to take them... @#$&@#(*$~!!

Since around 830am today, idiots outside my apartment have been making noise. First it was these idiots who are painting the outiside walls yelling and making noise, and then the idiot gardeners with more yelling and more making noise. WHY do they have to start on my side? And WHY outside MY apartment? I'm not really in a corner. I am more or less left of the middle. There are a million other places where they can start, but Nooooooo. I can hear them as they go around so I know that they started here. It's supposed to be prohibited to make ANY sort of noise before 10am. So, what gives? No more sleep for me today. >=(


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