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viernes, abril 25, 2003

When all your days are the same, day in, day out, there's no such thing as TGIF. It's hard to find stuff to blog about when you don't do anything. I don't want to always be blogging about how bored I am, or how lonely I am... I wouldn't want to read that! So I will complain about something else... hehe.. Of course I'm going to complain about something. That hasn't changed. Also, please note that I'm just venting, as I'm sure someone will have a suggestion or solution. I appreciate it, but it's not necessary. I just need to get it off my chest.

My roomate's room is across the apartment; meaning, we don't share a wall, like in my previous apartments. In between our rooms is the living room. I like this set up. Next to her side of the apartment, in the apartment next door, live the most annoying people I've met. Every day starting at around noon they play extremely loud music. I can hear it in MY room... across the apartment! I think they moved in about a month ago, because that's when I first noticed the music. One time, the people in the apartment next to my room were being really loud, and it was around 1am on a Thursday, so I called security. When security came he kept asking if I was sure that it was the people next to me that were making noise, because you could hear the other people from the hallway. But I guess the people next to me were being so loud that it drowned the others out. But the next day I realized that on the other side people were being loud too. I didn't realize just how annoying it was until I went to ask my roomate something one day, and went into her room. She was sitting about a foot away from the TV, because otherwise she couldn't hear it. Before then, I'd thought SHE was playing really loud music; then I noticed that it was the neighbors. She said she'd complained the day before, but they had asked for her name, and now she felt uncomfortable that they were going to come and bug us, which they did. The day after she complained, the loud guys came to talk to us. I was still really sick, so I was in bed. She opened the door, and they were trying to come to some sort of agreement. I've noticed that my roomate has a hard time confronting people, and tries to be too nice. The guys kept asking for a time-frame. "What time do you guys wake up? We promise not to make noise before then..." I was SO pissed. I wanted to just yell at them that it was NOT the time, but the VOLUME! It's not a normal, loud volume. The whole apartment shakes! A guy from across the courtyard even yelled for them to shut up! All the way across!! My roomate was trying to explain to them that she worked graveyard shift, and didn't appreciate being awaken by loud music at 10-11am, which is not that early for some people, but to someone who gets home from work at 6am it is. So far, they have not made noise before noon, but now my roomate can't just relax in her room before going to work, or just watch TV in peace, because of the extremely loud music. She called the manager, and he said that they can't do much if the noise is between 10am and 10pm, because those are the allowed times for "noise". He also said though, that if it gets to be too much, we could file a complaint, because we have a right to peaceful living, but he was trying to discourage us from filing one because he said that they aren't taken that seriously. Well, I'm not gonna just let these assholes get away with this. My roomate talked to a friend who knows about renter's rights and stuff, and she told her that we could get them evicted. I really hope so. Because they know that WE are the ones who complained, they've started to do really annoying (and immature) things to us. First they stuck a piece of chewed gum on our peephole. Then my roomate (who now comes home from work at 2am) said she came home to find toilet paper around our doorknob and lock. We can't prove it's them, but how odd that none of these things were happening before these guys moved in, or before we complained. My roomate is ready to take action, though. I feel bad for her, because even though I can hear it sometimes, she's the one who actually has to deal with it. So, just pray for us that this works out and those guys either quit bugging us, or are evicted. I'm hoping for the latter, because I really, really dislike them, and I want them to know that their behavior is totally unacceptable.


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