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lunes, abril 07, 2003

I felt like shit most of today... I went to bed kinda late (err...early), at like 5am. Then I woke up at around 9:30am because I was having a most horrible dream. It's really long, so I don't wanna bore you, but it was scary. After that, I couldn't sleep... Around 4:30 pm though, I just passed out. I didn't go to class. I'm kinda glad I didn't; I would've fainted at some point. So... now I'm wide awake. AND BORED! No one's up this late, and there's no one online. Man, I'm bored... and kinda hungry. I was all happy cuz I lost weight while I was sick, but I'm pretty sure I'm gonna gain it all back in like, 2 days. >=(

Pointless post, but I'm that bored.


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