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lunes, abril 14, 2003

I didn't go to school. It's raining SO hard. I decided before I went to sleep that I didn't feel quite up to it, and when I woke up around 1pm I realized it was raining very, very hard. I'm going a little crazy being cooped up in my apartment for 3 weeks already, but if I had decided to go to school I would've died.

My blog is going a little crazy too, apparently. I wanted to change some of the links, add some new ones, but when I went into my template some of my newer additions weren't there. Yet they still show up in my blog, like the tag board and my Bad Religion link. Now I'm scared of adding things and losing stuff when I save it... =\

I have a huge, pounding headache, but since my liver isn't up to speed yet, I can't take any pain medication... Ooowww =(


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