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domingo, abril 13, 2003

Earlier today I wrote a really long post... And then closed the window without saving it, or publishing. I cursed my keyboard for having a "close" button... Then myself for pressing it. I was very annoyed and almost gave up posting today. Almost.

So, yesterday I watched 10 hrs straight of I Love the 80's on VH1. 1980-1989. Oh yea. Totally awesome. I was born in 1978, so what I remember about 1980-1983 is pretty much because of reruns, but from 83 on I remember quite a lot. The neon, the acid wash, the lace, the ribbons... I did it all. Pretty horrible... yet at the time I felt oh-so-cool.

In the post I lost (*grr*) I had written about my last super-weird dream. As luck would have it, I forgot a lot of it since then, and I what I remember is either really boring, or makes no sense at all. All I know is that it started with a weird neighbor fight, and it ended in a wedding of a family member. NO SENSE AT ALL.

Tomorrow I'm supposed to go back to school. I'm still unsure of this. I feel better than my 1st and 2nd weeks, but far from "normal". Part of me thinks maybe I need to actually get out and see how I feel... but another part of me gets dizzy just thinking about driving. Oh well... We'll see how I feel tomorrow. Now, I'm going to eat...


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