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martes, abril 01, 2003

It's been a while... whoa. This is probably the most I've gone by without blogging for a REALLY long time. I've been feeling like shit for the past week or so. I had to get more lab tests on Thursday, and on Friday my doctor told me I had Hepatits A. Nice, huh? We're still not sure how I got it, cuz the ways one is supposed to acquire it are just not that possible for me. I don't do drugs, and well, I don't know anyone who has it. Pretty weird. All I've done since my last post is sleep, and throw up, and sleep and be in agony. It's so painful. I have jaundice, which is just wrong... I look so horrible, which in turn makes me feel worse, cuz I can see how bad I feel. I guess the only good new is that, once I get over this, I can never get it again. It's like a vaccine... Kinda like chicken pox.

Nothing else has happened, so I'll end my post here. Thanks to those who left me a nice comment here, and to those who e-mailed me. It's been a rough week, and I just hope that I get better in time for school, cuz I'm on Spring Break. =\


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