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lunes, marzo 03, 2003

I'm so lucky... yet so lazy...
Last Wednesday I didn't go to my ASL class, and today I found out that there was no class. Just like that other time... It's like I'm being rewarded for being lazy. Then I e-mailed my Asian Studies professor and let her know I hadn't been able to complete my essay, and she e-mails me back telling me I have another week to do it. Seriously, what's going on?? I'm not complaining... just wondering... I'm always a bit suspicious when things seem to go my way, cuz it's so unusual...
So, anyone want to do my paper??? I still don't want to... Ick... And this one's the easiest one of all semester, cuz I took the class before, and dropped it... and Korea and Vietnam are waaaay harder than China... At least the essays... dang it.
Where's my checkbook??


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